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Hello, my name is

Let me show you the world's most creative people – in the Town of Tinkering!

I just love good ideas!

I'll also show you the secret of their creative power: The “Spark of Inspiration” – a magical crystal that has the power to let great ideas flow!

Let's go inside!

I really can't wait to show you these geniuses at work.

Hold on! What is happening?

Look! The little girl! She is crying!

“We need your help! All the creativity – it's gone!”

“The Spark of Inspiration – it's shattered!”

We need you to bring back the shards' glow.

Using the shards, you can assemble new facets – and then use these to make a new Spark!

How? Well, I actually read a book about the Spark of Inspiration!

It was once forged by someone who mastered all facets of creativity!

It is an epic journey. It leads through the entire Land of Ideas – there are eight facets to be restored.

Each in another, challenging area:

The Town of Tinkering

The Forest of Inventions

The Valley of Unimaginativeness

The River of Ideas

The Desert of Distractions

The Jungle of Decisions

The Mountain of Doubt

The Shrine of Creativity

Every shard holds a creative challenge – for example:

'Invent a new way of organizing your keys.'

Once we found a shard, it's up to you to come up with an idea to unlock its potential!

You come up with a solution.

I'll distribute it to other players of Creactivities.

They'll give you (human!) feedback on your ideas!

Four Creative Powers

Being a designer means being good at four things:

  • criticizing the world as it is,

  • researching what works,

  • envisioning new ways of doing things, and

  • acting to make them a reality.

Creactivities is designed to help you get these muscles in shape!





As you solve real creative challenges, your creative muscles will grow, too!

You'll also be able to view your strength chart at any point during your adventure –
it's a computer game in which you level up your real-life creative skills!

And that's Creactivities!

Are you ready?